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Observatory of Political and Economic Networks (OPEN)

Connecting the dots and following the money networks of state and non-state actors in Syria and Iraq. Mapping intertwined relations among business elites and political, security, and military systems using publicly available data

Interactive Dashboards on Saudi Labor Market [Concept]

Developed four interactive D3.js dashboards presenting conceptual Saudi Labor Market statistics (dummy data) in support for a white paper that I co-authored focusing on Saudi data analytics and management practices

The Generals of Gold (Egypt's Military and Business Networks)

Mapping the intertwined relations of Egypt’s military generals and businesspeople across kinship, affection, official positions, and benefit-based networks over time by using publicly available data sources and graph

Interactive Dashboards on Syrian uprising martyrs (2011-2014)

Used CartoDB mapping components to visualize data on Syrian martyrs counts between 2011 and 2014, as documented by a website called Syrian Shuhada (no longer available). Time slider shows the change in casualties number over time

Interactive Dashboards on Yemen's Humanitarian Aid

Developed two interactive D3.js dashboards showing the global humanitarian aid for Yemen's war using data from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs’s Financial Tracking Service website

Organizational Network Analysis Tool [Arabic]

Temporal analysis of corporate emails metadata to understand the communications network, depicting informal networks, to assess misalignment with formal org structure, identify influential employees, and detect communities

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